Top 5 Web Series In Nepal

These days, there is a trend of Web Series on YouTube. Well, here we are going to talk about top web series of Nepal with the first Web Series. Web Series are the online streaming series that may be comedy genre, informative or sentimental. Whatever be its type, the series of a program that airs on Web in the certain interval is the Web Series.

Now let’s talk about all the web series that are present currently in Nepal.

1. P.S. Zindagi

p.s Zindagi webseries
Cover: P.S. Zindagi

Nepal’s first online sitcom. ‘P.S. Zindagi’ was launched by Musumusu Productions on its web channel on YouTube. It was April 25, 2016. Yes, a year ago we were blessed with the first ever web-series. P.S. Zindagi is about five young people living in Kathmandu which combines the comedy, romance and day to day lifestyle of current people in Nepal.

P.S. stands for Post Seismic which means that the series was aired just after the year of massive earthquake of April 25, 2015. The series was directed by Utpal Jha and written by Kavita Srinivasan.

2. Wrong Time

wrong time web-series
Cover: Wrong time

The next super hit web series wrong time was produced and distributed by Ur Style Tv on YouTube. The series is the romance based comedy series that focused on love and affair of two brothers with two amazing girls in the town. The lead characters of the series are Aashma Giri, Kushal Bista, Sahin Prajapati, and Anita. With the trend of digitalization and internet, this is the most popular web-series of Nepal. the first season of this series was of fourteen episodes and every episode was always trending on Youtube. With the touches of humors, the series was well loved by the teenagers in the town. At the end of this show, Ur style TV announced that the next show would be High School.

3. High School

UR Style Highschool webseries
Cover: UR Style Highschool

Produced and distributed by Ur Style TV, high school started airing soon after the end of most popular web- series Wrong Time. The high school has the lead roles of Aashma Bishwokarma, Saroj Adhikari, Anushka Adhikari, Biswash Budhathoki, Sneha Poudel, and all the other members from Cartoonz Crew. The series was directed by Nitin Chand and is mostly about the college students. Various problems that may arise in love, affairs and even different problems that are found in high school are well traced here in the series.

4. Ghumauri

ghumauri web series
Cover: ghumauri

Another comedy based web series Ghumauri has also been able to hit the YouTube trend list many times. The Ghumauri series consists of some popular cast member that includes Tharchan Ghale, Raja Gurung, and Sonam Gurung. It is the most comedy series than any other series till the date.

5. Furke No. 1

furke no 1
Cover: furke no 1

We all know about one of the most comedian people from Meri Bassai, The Takme Budha.  And the series Furke No. 1 has the lead role of Takme Budha also called Wilson Bikram Rai. The other cast and crew of this popular series include Aruna Karki, Sundar Lawati, Kailash Baraili, Bishal Younghang and is directed and the story was written by Wilson Bikram Rai and similarly, the series is distributed by WBR Takme Production KTM.

6. 21st Love

21st Love Web Series
Cover: 21st Love

21st Love is one of the most watched Nepali web series. It has 21 episodes in total. The series was Co – Produced  by  Dipendra Tamang, Khagendra Shrestha and  Executive Producer Ishwar Gurung.  And it is directed by Sarin Pokharel. The main actor of the series are Saroj Adhikari, Samyog Guragain, Bijaya Adhikari and lead actress are Aashma Bishwokarma, Anushka Adhikari. All its episodes can be watched on YouTube.


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