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Shishir Aryal, a rising actor in the town has been a truly remarkable person. He was born on 21 February 1997 and his age is 27 years old. He started young to his career and was allowed to explore his interests. Mimicry became his support and a way to fulfill the desire of his dreams. Further along the way, he was hooked to the business of acting. He started with his hand in theater and has always been a part of it.

NameShishir Aryal
Date of Birth21 February 1997
Family NameAryal
Birth PlaceNepal
Birth SignCancer
Height5 Feet 4 Inch
AffilitionBad Luck Program

With a strong desire to achieve a fame as a successful comedy artist in the town, he has been sharpening his skills through various acts and plays. He is involved in a number of theaters to have more control over what he does and to get practice his art more. So he has the opportunity to refine himself after every show.

Early Life And Education

Shishir Aryal was born in a beautiful part of Palpa which was the place that built him up with the interest in acting. He completed his schooling at Siddhartha English Boarding school and his higher studies from Tilottama Campus. Finally, he moved to the capital to shape the career of which he had always dream of. In the city, he got involved himself in different plays in different places. Taking parallel his education along with acting career, he is recently doing his bachelor’s degree in  Microbiology at Trichandra College.

Talking to him personally, he has some things in few words:

Q: How was your childhood?

A: It was awesome.

Q: What you love the most?

A: I love acting the most

Q: What have you planned for the future?

A: Planned for a successful comedy artist

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Sports

Q: Whom you find the most inspiring in your life?

A: Mother

Programs and Career

Well, the person is currently involved in different programs as a part of his career. He has been a part of web- series Wrong Time and also the Member and Artist at Shailee Theatre. And also he is a manager at Nepali Comedy Caffee. He has worked with Aashma Giri, Sahin Prajapati and Kushal Bista.

In person, Shishir is a transcending personality, completely different from what we see on his plays. He has been persistent and hardworking and that has effectively established his arrival as one of the best rising actors in the industry. With the success of his some of the plays, I am confident that the quiet and unassuming Shishir has a lot more to offer for his audiences. He must have the dream to get in the big screen and thus he has to do work with his dedication and inspiration from the others.

To get in touch we can also follow him on his facebook account: Shishir Aryal

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