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Sanup Poudel full biography

Sanup Paudel is a professional singer of Nepal. He was born in Shillong, India in the year 1975. He is the youngest among four siblings. Sanup rose to fame after a singing contest had come up, called Geet Bahar, run by Gulshan Kumar in Mumbai. Poudel was at the age of nineteen when he applied for this contest and was finally selected.

Early life and Education

Sanup Paudel earned the classical music, under the singer Shukla Dham, after completion of his education. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Ethnomusicology from Kathmandu University. A few after completion of this education, he got a chance to enroll in the School of Oriental and African Studies in the UK for about half a year. Born and raised in India he came to Nepal in the year 1997 as a young musician. He registered for vocal lessons from Prabhu Raj Dhaka as some school lessons and also private classes outside of school.

Sanup Paudel Music Career

After he completed all his academic course he eventually released the single Samjhana Aaidinchha, which proved an instant hit with Nepali audiences. And it was followed by the launch of his first album, Voice, in 2004. His debut album made him a star in the country. It followed a number of packed performances in various parts of the country. Besides his second album Rays, came out in 2008, and notched up yet another success.

Sanup Paudel eventually took up work as a music teacher at St Mary’s School, which he has been at for the past nine years. He has now dozen of album or production that includes Mero Euta Saathi Chha, Manjari, and much more. He is currently working for Maun which is set to release soon.

Sanup Paudel Coach

Currently, he is working for the international franchise show The Voice Of Nepal. He has been working as a coach along with Pramod Kharel, Deep Shrestha, and Abhaya Subba. He had 14 touch contestants in his team namely “Team Sanup”.

Wife and Personal life

Sanup Paudel has not disclosed his wife to the media.

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