KBC Nepal ( Ko Banchha Crorepati )

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Quick Facts of KBC Nepal

  • Start Date:         May 2018 
  • Current Host:       Rajesh Hamal
  • Directed By:         Bipin Acharya
  • Original Language:   Nepali
  • Distributor:            AP1 HD
  • Running Time:       60 minutes
Is show aired? Not Yet


Ko Bancha Crorepati (Who Will Be a Millionaire) is a Nepali television game show based on the British Program: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The show has ruled the TV fantasy all over the world and now it is available in Nepal. The show is to be aired by AP1 HD Television. After the successful completion of Nepal Idol another international franchise, the channel is hosting all well popular television program here in Nepal.
Nepal’s number one artist also known as Rajesh Hamal is going to host the show. The producer team has already announced a KBC Nepal app which is available in Google Play Store. The app has already collected a positive response from the users.

Selection Criteria

Similar to the original airing in Great Britain, members of the public completed a qualification quiz which opened at the start of each season at various times in the year (also known as “registration period”). Would-be contestants would send a premium-rate SMS to a designated number and answer a question by responding. Contestants would complete a series of interviews before being randomly selected from a pool of other hopeful contestants and appearing on the stage in Fastest Finger First. In order to be eligible, contestants must be residents and citizens of India and at least 18 years of age.
The selected contestants will further go for the fastest finger first round where they will order the answers to some questions displayed in the program itself. 
After being selected from the Fastest Finger First, they would join the host in the “Hot Seat” and would start to answer the question. At first, they will set the milestone where they self-hope to win the amount. With the beginning of questions for the very small amount, the amount will go on increasing till the contestant himself wishes to quit the game or gives the wrong answer.
To help the audience a number of helplines would be available. These includes:
  • Audience Poll: The studio audience would dial into a keypad what they believed was the correct answer to the question. The results of the poll are shown to the contestant.
  • 50:50: The computer would remove two wrong answers from the game leaving the contestant with one right and one wrong answer.
  • Phone-A-Friend: The contestant could call a pre-selected friend or family member of their choosing to aid them in answering the question. 

And also other options will be added as per the requirement.


The app has already been released and is available in play store.

When KBC start in Nepal

It is said that the total cost for the first show will be around 15 crore which is the large sum for the initiation of the show. KBC Nepal is hoped to start very soon and we can hope that the show will be one of the most viewed shows in Nepal. Rajesh Hamal is the host of this show which directly influences his fans to watch this show. He has even previously run some of the popular quiz competition in Nepal. Recently people have many queries regarding when will KBC start in Nepal and answer to this question is that it will start very soon and the countdown has already started.

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