Top 10 Jobs and Career options in Nepal

Top 10 jobs and career options in Nepal

If you have completed your NEB (+2/ class 11 and 12) education, then you are in the right place. After completing high school students are in dilemma regarding the field they can choose for a bright career. You must have a desire to become a successful person in your life. So, here we present to you the top 10 career options in Nepal. To achieve these successful career options, you required strong hard work, dedication, and education. These top professions listed here are based on the highest paying jobs, easiness to get jobs, and the amount of hard work required for the jobs.

To find the highest-paying jobs in Nepal you can select from the list of top 10 career options available in Nepal.

MBBS (Doctor)

doctor one of the top paid and respected profession
doctor one of the top paid and respected profession

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) is the most famous and respected profession in Nepal. We must be clear that this profession requires a lot of hard work, a strong educational background, and sometimes a lot of money. In Nepal, there are basically two options. Whether you can get a scholarship in governmental college or you have to pay a huge amount of degree for this education. In Nepal, in 2020/21 the fee for MBBS degree is around 40-60 lakhs. A doctor can earn from Rupees 50k to 10000k in Nepal. Among all surgeons earn the highest amount of money.

In Nepal, you need to Give IOM (Institute of Medicine) exams to become a doctor. After you pass this exam, depending upon the rank you hold you can get scholarships in different TU and affiliated colleges. Besides, some other universities also provide this education without completing this exam.

Civil Engineering

civil engieering is top job and career option in nepal
civil engieering is top job and career option in nepal

Although engineering has many different fields of engineering, Civil engineering is among the best choice in Nepal. To study in TU (Tribhuvan University) you need to give an exam taken by IOE. This may provide you with scholarships in five government colleges or more than 10 private colleges. Besides, their other universities that take their own entrance exams and provide scholarships.

Engineering is one of the best fields of career and famous career option all around the globe. Although there are around 25k civil engineers in Nepal, still the country requires more engineers as being the developing country. In Nepal, a civil engineer earns money from Rupees 25k to 5000k. After completing BE (Bachelor of Engineering) in Civil, you are left with a number of options. Either you can start your own consultancy and construction company or you can work under these structures.

Project Manager: Works in different construction projects as the manager of the project.

Consultant Engineer: A consultant engineer can have work from the field of soil testing to tall building design.

Government officer: For developing country like Nepal, government jobs for civil engineer are open in large number. (Practice for government job MCQ in civil engineering)


Computer/ Software Engineering

Software engineering is top job in nepal
Software engineering is top job in nepal

IT (Information and Technology) is the most popular profession all around the globe. If we talk about Nepal, you have a wide job after completing education. In Nepal, you can study BSC CSIT or computer engineering from institutions under different universities. There are more than 5 universities that provides this degree. The jobs can vary from being a technical officer to a web designer. Being a student of IT, you can learn different programming languages from C+ to python. Some jobs a software engineer gets are:

Web designer: Design of websites and web-app.

Software designer: Mobile application to computer software.

Salary: Salary can vary depending upon the position in the company. It can be from thousands to lakhs per month.


Charted Accountant

Charted Accountant top paid job in nepal
Charted Accountant top paid job in nepal

Charted Accountant (CA) is the best career option in the management field of education. They mainly perform the work of auditing financial files of different businesses. A CA can be the lowest worker in the company to the CEO of the company. It depends upon the years of experience you have for your salary. A Charted Account earns from Rs. 50K to lakhs of money.

However, you need patience to achieve this position. To be a CA you need to go through the four phases of education. The amount of money required to become a CA ranges from 4 lakhs to 15 lakhs depending upon the institution you choose.

Common Proficiency Test

Integrated Competence Professional Course

3 years article ship/ training under a practicing CA

CA final


Lawyers/ Advocate

lawyer one of the top job in nepal
lawyer one of the top job in nepal

A lawyer provides legal services to the people. There are two options to achieve this degree. We can go for a three-year Diploma in Law programmed called PCL these days and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law (B.L.) program. And for higher education, we can go for a Masters of Law. In Nepal, a lawyer earns a salary of 20 thousand to 20 lakhs Rupees. To find a career in this field, there are universities that provide this degree.

Main works of Lawyers are:

Collect, organize and examine legal documents for attorney review

Research regulations and laws for preparation of case files

Communicate with clients and witnesses to schedule meeting and interviews


Forestry Science

forestry science top career option in nepal
forestry science top career option in nepal

Bachelor’s degree and diploma level of forestry science is another popular field of study in Nepal. The diploma level consists of three-year education and Bachelor’s degree consists of a four-year education. After the completion of this level degree, you get to work in the national and international organizations working for the conservation of forest and environment. There are organizations like WWF (World Wide Fund) who work for conservation for forest and wildlife. A person can get jobs like Land Management, Timber management, consulting jobs, project manager, etc. There are two government colleges in Hetauda and Pokhara and one in Kathmandu (KAFCOL) under Tribhuvan University. Besides, there are other University like AFU, PU that provides this education.

The salary of a person in this field varies from 30k Rupees to 1000K Rupees.

Agriculture Science

agriculture science is renowned education choice and career option
agriculture science is renowned education choice and career option

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture is a renowned career option in Nepal. As Nepal is a country with more than 70% of people relying on agriculture, this field has a great scope today and the future. There are many jobs nationally and internationally in the different organization if you graduate in this field. Some of the great task includes:

Some (TU) colleges that provide education in BSC Agriculture are:

Rampur Campus, Chitwan

Lamjung Campus

Paklihawa Campus, Rupandehi and

Gauradaha Agriculture Campus, Jhapa

Besides, there are some other universities that provide this education


Agriculture Development Officer

Agricultural Research Scientist

Agriculture Officer


denstist profession is top profession in Nepal
denstist profession is top profession in Nepal

The dentist is a surgeon who specializes in teeth and oral activity. There are thousands of dental hospitals in Nepal. As oral health is a life long health problem, its scope is never-ending. In Nepal, there are very few qualified dentists and its demand is still increasing. The minimum salary of a dentist is 50K per month to 10000K per month. In Nepal, there are many universities that provide Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS). You can go to Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, and many other universities.

Some jobs of dentists are:

Dental Therapists

Dental Technicians

The Dental Hygienists

Dental Assistant

BSC Nursing

Nursing is among top 10 respected and hightest paid job in Nepal
Nursing is among top 10 respected and hightest paid job in Nepal

Nursing is the ever-green career option for both male and female. However, mainly female prefers Nursing education. Although PCL Nursing is another option available, BSC Level education has dominated the jobs available to the lower level education. There are many colleges under different Universities in Nepal for this education. Tribhuwan University provides scholarships to willing students under the IOM (Institute of Medicine) examination.

The salary earned by a Nurse can vary from 30K to 1000K in Nepal depending upon the hospital and health institution they work on.

Government Officer

government officer top best job in nepal
government officer top best job in nepal

In Nepal, government jobs are the most praised jobs ever. There are many levels and sections of this career. Those who wish to get jobs after completing Plus Two education can apply for application in non-gazetted rank and who wish to get to the officer level should complete a Bachelor’s degree education. There is a non-technical and technical officer option. A student who studies BBA or BBS can apply for government officers in the Banking sector. Similarly, students from Engineering and IT field can apply for technical officers under their own field.

Besides this, there are many jobs and career options in Nepal.

  1. Optometrist
  2. Sales Manager
  3. Architect Engineer
  4. Electronics and Communication engineer
  5. B. Pharm
  6. Mass Communication and Journalism
  7. Bachelor’s in Social Works
  8. Tunnel Engineering
  9. Hotel management
  10. Biotech and Biochemistry


So, we have ended your queries like:

  • What to study after NEB PLUS 2
  • What is the highest paying jobs list in Nepal
  • And, what are the top career options and choices in Nepal
  • And what to study in bachelor’s after completing Plus 2, class 12 or NEB

Also please comment down if there are any other top jobs and professions in Nepal.


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