Surakshya Panta | Biography, Boyfriend, Age, Height

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Surakshya Panta | Biography, Boyfriend, Age, Height

Quick Facts of Surakshya Panta

Profession       Actor, Model
Birthday          20th February
Horoscope      Pisces
Rashi               NA
Birth Place       Butwal
Height:            5 Feet 3 Inch


Surakshya Panta is Actor, Model. The family of security wanted to be a engineer. He also started reading the engineering as family and relatives all doctors or engineers. But his wish was different. She had a break on working in the Midi field. “It was not meant to work in the radio and television, but I would tell myself by speaking in the waves of the wind,” she says, “protects my childhood’s safety,” my family was not there in this area, but I was able to work in media. ”

The 2010 image participated in Bhajj Hunt. She became third. Image work is also done by Image Television. But her examination could not work. He was like the stone of the first gut, he lost the opportunity to come.
But when it comes to looking after opportunities and shapes, the security has happened. At Bhojjee Hunant, the then director, Alok Naimang, has noted him.

Childhood and Career

The dreams which are often played independently than spoken dreams are fulfilled. The dreamed dreams are colorful, but the bold dreams are colorful. People want to beat in a world of nature, in nature. Security was in the media. But, the engine was studying. He wanted to become a friend of the radio voice or television voice of the world. Alok offered for his music video. She could not play due to the nearby tests. Later, she acted as ‘The crowd is a crowd …’ in the voice of Sachin Shrestha, Nachita Thapa’s voice. He got this first music video. He worked on some music videos but could not be active. That was the reason.

Study After a year, Alok Nemang suddenly called him and offered a movie. Security had to work on media. The movie is also a medium of media. The same movie was made to make the same movie a single movie for its name. He told Alok. But she did not know in the family. Uncle stayed in Kathmandu but did not even know them. The movie name was, ‘still’. He compromised in the movie. The construction unit conferred the announcement of film production by pressing a press conference. Coming Communications.

Personal life

The family realized that her daughter was playing in the movie. The father, who was sent to the engineer, knew that the film was Hiroi. Called It should be said that the movie should be left for the reputation of the family. But she agreed. His film was printed in the mind of the movie. So they did not want to give the daughter to enter the movie. Parents’ safety has become as usual. However, even after security did not take place. Did not work Movie tour started.

He also played a television program in Sagarmatha, also called ‘Kantipur’, the popular program of Kantipur television. Samtin Bhutta urged security for the movie ‘Sussera’. She starred herself in character in ‘Sucheera’ in the movie. Perhaps his work was Pyre Samtin in the ‘Sussera’ movie. Director Deependra’s Khanal told Samtin to take security for ‘Dhanpati’. Samton also met the moonmap who met Dipendra. Dipendra, Samtun and security were met in the Bricks Café of Lalitpur Kupondol. Talk between Dipendra and security, she got signed in film Dhanpati. The movie released in Ashtar 2074. Dhanpati was cast in the first film of the year. Security Prosecution Procedures

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