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Seema Subedi is Nepalese-Indian origin model. She was born on September 5, 1989 and her age is 32 years old (as of 2020). She is 5 feet 3 inch tall in height. Seema was born in Darjeeling and moved to the city with her family to pursue her career.

NameSubedi Subedi
Date of BirthSeptember 5, 1989
Family NameSubedi
Birth PlaceIndia
Height5 Feet 3 Inch

She was titled Mrs. Asia International 2016 beauty pageant, Mrs India 2016 and has own other fashion competitions. Mrs India is India’s only fashion title given to married woman.  There she started her career in modeling and after years of hard-work and struggle she was able to win that title. She is a well established celebrity and model of India. And even after her controversial Facebook Lives, she got a huge public attention.

Seema Subedi and Nepal

Seema Subedi became trending person in Nepal after she put her opinion about a great issue in India called Gorkhaland. She at first uploaded a video stating that she respected Gorkhali and later she said that gorkhali were born in India, however it is clearly known that there is a district in Nepal named Gorkha and the people born here are called Gorkhali. Gorkhali is those people who were never afraid of others and never allowed people of their country to feel lower. Soldiers from Nepal are all over the world and they are known by the name Gorkhalis.

In some of the country like UK, there are many museums that represent the life status of Nepalese specially Gorkhalis in the past. So she talked a controversial thing that Gorkha is in India the people there are called Gorkhalis. And she even stated that in India there must be a state namely Gorkhaland because people here are Gorkhalis, which is totally wrong.

After this issue she became trending person in Nepal. Infact she was in number one trending search in google. She later posted a video apologizing for what mistake she had made in her speech and also understood that Nepalese people are more sensative towards the name Gorkhalis. Every Nepalese people feel proud to be called Gorkhalis and only the people from Nepal are called Gorkhalis.

Husband and Relationship


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Seema Subedi is a married woman. As we all know that she has own the title of Mrs. India which clearly states that she is a married woman. Belonging to this beautiful part of Assam, she moved to the city Mumbai where she started her career in modeling. She although could not win the competition before she was married, she achieved a great title after her marriage. So she considers her husband as a luck and thus the couple is living a happy married life together. It seems that they do love and care each other and support each other personally and professionally.