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Rohit Shakya is a popular singer in Nepali music industry. He was born on 5 September 1991 and his age is 32 years old. He rose to fame with ‘the rap-song’ for the movie’ Dui Rupaiyaan’.  Rohit sang this song with Aashish Rana another great singer of Nepal.

NameRohit Shakya
Date of Birth5 September 1991
Family NameShakya
Birth PlaceNepal
Height5 Feet 7 Inch
AffilitionNepali Music Industry

Early Life and Childhood

Rohit Shakya is from a middle class family. His parents have always  supported him for all his doing. What he does and what he loves are always in the way his family is. Music without support may not make someone as successful as he is today. So love, support, care and motivation are the key things that one should be provided with for every success in his life.

Our musical history is glorious and some of the people like this have made us walk with our head raised to a height. Music is the art of mind and very few people understand this thing. He has not only made his career but also has contributed to the survival of human entertainment.

Rohit Shakya Music Career

His first performance was when he was 14, in a band where he was the bassist. He joined Rec Records in 2008, doing mixing and mastering of songs. Rohit Shakya has composed music for five films, including ‘Dui Rupaiyaan’, ‘VISA’ and ‘Kabaddi’. He got to travel around a lot in his tour to the UK, Australia, and Sikkim. So, beginning from a very small space and strategy he has been able to achieve a lot during this span of time.

Rohit Shakya has been one of the inspiring person who started chose his career when he was in his small age and started working in one way. That is the reason we are here blessed with person like this. His fine work and dedication in his single song has made us feel that he is something who has provided a life to mankind. As already said music is a art of man kind and very few people can live in this Universe without music.

Rohit Shakya Girlfriend

He has not talked about his relationship. It may be, Rohit Shakya is dating a girl in town.

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