American Idol Winner and Prize

Just Sam American Idol

The question arises, what American idol winner gets or what is the prize of the winner.

American Idol winner prize

American Idol winner get a life-changing opportunity and prize.  According to The ABC, American Idol 2020 winner signs to Hollywood Records and receives cash prize worth $300,000. Similarly, they get the opportunity to record their original tracks and use where ever they want. The winner is also invited to sing in different Disney related events, live shows, and world tours.

Adding to this winner also gets $1000 per week while recording their first album and $1000 per master recording. And the runner-up reportedly receives a prize of up to $87, 500 with an additional $87,000 for finishing an album.

Besides, they will receive a $300,000 advance to record the album, and they will pay back 50% of the market sales they make. The winner can use this recording facility whenever they wish to after the end of the show.

In the previous version of American Idol, the prize used to be bigger than it is now. Talking about the highest bucks, Kris Allen, one of the winners of American Idol earned at least $650,000 from “American Idol”. Similarly, American Idol season 4- 2005 winner received a 1 million dollar recording contract along with a private car and jet.

Who will win American Idol 2021 and what is American Idol Prize?

American Idol 2021 started on Sunday, Feb. 14 on ABC. The program is aired and contestants are in the journey to their finals. So there is always a question about who will win American Idol 2021.

Who won the American Idol 2020?

Just Sam won American Idol 2020. So, Just Sam is American Idol 2020. A month-long journey is over and here we have the most deserving winner to the show.

Among the top 7, two contestants were eliminated in the first round. The remaining 5 contestants performed live during the show. Top 5 competed with each other singing two songs. Live vote during the live show on East cost determined the winner.

The show had an amazing performance with some great singers. Most surprisingly, we had the Taylor Swift city of lover concert aired. During the finale, Lauren Daigle performed the song “You Say” with Top 5 contestants. Similarly, top 11 contestants performed Aretha Franklin songs with singer Cynthia Erivo.

“One Margarita”, Bryan’s debut single wowed the audience. Likewise, Bryan, Perry, Richie, Laine, Lauren, Gabby and Kellie together sang the song ” We are the world”.

The judge and contestants appeared virtually from home due to the Covid- 19 Pandemic. Judges: Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie viewed and commented the show remotely participating from home. Also all the judges performed during the show.

Although the season 18 is over, the online audition for American Idol 2021 is already open.


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