Why pubg banned in nepal? People’s reaction on PUBG ban in Nepal.

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It sounds very weired that Nepal Bans PUBG because it is addictive to children and teenagers. Well there are many criticism regarding this game all over the world but it went too fast that Nepal banned PUBG for very small reason. Many people seemed addicted by this game all over the globe. And it can be that the ban to this game has been initiated from Nepal and it might go all over the world.

Reaction of people on PUBG ban in Nepal :

Why pubg banned in nepal? People's reaction on PUBG ban in Nepal.


1. Nepal bans PUBG, says that it’s distracting children from their studies
Granted I didn’t have PUBG growing up, but I did log my fair share hours playing video games (mostly 8bit Mario and Zelda) growing up… I turned out … OK, bad example…

Seriously though, some distraction can be a good thing… You can’t cram 24/7. It’s not good for you, you’ve got to take a break every so often.

I think I turned out at least semi-alright, even though I engaged in Greek Life while at Uni… Gratented its an American thing, so wouldn’t be too applicable in Nepal. But it could be potentially dangerous (there’s a ton of negative perceptions with stuff like hazing, alcohol abuse, promoting rape culture, etc). And it definitely distracted me from my studies… My pledge semester was my lowest GPA ever (3.25/4.0).

But while I may not have done as well as I could have academically, I did get a Masters degree in scheduling and time management. Making sure I got all of my academics, Greek Life and work responsibilities done in a timely manner… I got leadership experience as an officer and committee chair and got to help run various philanthropic events that I never would have otherwise… Granted there’s probably fewer leadership opportunities with PUBG. But there could be working together as part of a team (maybe, I dunno, never played PUBG myself)…

My point is… Just because it distracts from academia, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing… Everything in moderation and all that…

2. I am from Nepal. I am regular reader of Android Police. This is the first time I saw news from Nepal. It is very sad that government ban on internet games. The reason behind banning is like joke. Better ban child to use smartphone. Unless they can buy their smartphone on their own, no one should be allowed to use smartphone. So there won’t be any such rule to ban, isnt it? 😭😭.i am not fan of pubg.

3. I was also addicted, but I was so addicted that out of fear uninstalled it. I started playing it around my semester exams and uninstalled it before the completion. :p

I am happy that I got to that realisation.😂 Seeing that I am addicted to PC games, I don’t know how long I would have been staring at a mobile game I could carry everywhere!

4. As a parent who spends at least 12+ hour per day with a toddler alone, yes it is hard and you probably wouldn’t even understand why. And by phone I mean any gadget….
And as kids grow, it gets even more difficult because everyone around has a gadget from adults to kids. The correct way to deal with issue is NOT to ban everything, but to have time restrictions.
Yes of course, parents using phones and tablets every day makes it worse. But me personally, besides using phone just to pass time, I use it for work as a PC and as a phone , there is no way around it.

5. As a parent who spends a lot of time with a toddler, no it isn’t. I don’t even have my phone on me when I’m playing with her.
Little kids just point and asks, but they also have short attention span, just play something else and they forget about that thing that you didn’t gave them.

6. As a fellow parent I can tell you that it’s easier to give them a PS4, iPhone or a tablet, but it’s not hard to parent, in all honesty. I have a 6 and a 3 year old and for a little bit they were on their tablets or YouTube too much and we took away YouTube completely and tablets as well. They draw, play outside, have fun. We only now allow video games occasionally. They can still watch TV, but only Netflix or cartoons and not even all that much.

7. It is difficult in the early years. I have a 3.5 and a 5 year old. We do 0 screen time. In my son’s preschool, we were 1 of 3 families not doing screen time out of 50+.
It’s hard in the first few years, but now both of them spend a lot of time playing with each other.
It starts from parents – we stopped watching TV completely. No cable, no Netflix. My wife is at home with them and does activities, games, science experiments, take them to park, etc. I spend whole weekends with them, and we do some outing morning and evening.
It’s not difficult any more.

8. Can’t draw yet, can’t play outside alone yet….. It’s cooking, eating, napping, bathing, taking walks outside, and working in between
That’s why I said that most of you have no clue what’s it’s like to be a parent 24/7, where most stick to their regular life.. .. work, home, play with kids for 1-2 hours, watch TV etc. while wife or others take care of your kids. I do everything myself, I am the mother, father, grandma, and grandpa in one person doing everything, as well as paying the bills

9. I never found these games all that interesting but perhaps it’s because I enjoy a great offline adventure game or with some online components (ie Dark Souls). I tried Fortnite and Apex Lengends to see how they are and while I personally think Apex Legends was better, I didn’t get a sense of accomplishment

10. Its not just a video game its an Esports. Just like other games. This generation is familiar to these things and the age gap never permits elder parents about the advantages. Well we the present generation are playing online games in recreation time rather than having sex and giving birth to 7-8 kids.😑😑.

You gotta do something good for the kids..then Ban Alcohol Drugs Punish Rapists first solve Major Crimes happening all around rather than poking nose in small irrelevant things.

You Guys need to think once again.😶

11. I am talking not about you, but generally.

If the ban had been implemented just because people were playing for a few hours a week, then it would have been wrong.

But a few people do spend most of their time playing the game and this includes people who never played games before, and this shows why the ban was necessary. Just think about this problem generally(as a government would) and you would understand what I mean. Also the ban didn’t make something wrong either or needed a huge amount of resources which could have been spent better elsewhere.

Btw The government was not going to benefit in any way by banning the game, at least in any way I see it.

12. Why buy your kids a phone that they can play PubG on? Give them newer Nokia color screen phones or cheaper phones that can only run whatsapp at best. This is an example of governments having no clue what to do. There will be another game next year which will be like PubG, would they ban it too? How long can they ban these games for? The future and present is all about mobile gaming as an increasing industry in terms of revenue. Soon CoD mobile will be released, mobile players will get addicted to that
Anyways, if Indian government pulls some shit like this, i’ll definitely consider getting a VPN. Fuk these governments and their non-sensible decisions.

13. Reply to 12::

So you want the government to just sit and do nothing? And what is wrong with banning a game? It is not like they spent a lot of resources in banning which they could have spent elsewhere!

Just because drugs will be used by people even after being banned doesn’t mean we can legalize them, right! Similarly banning a game will ‘reduce’ the number of players and not everyone is going to use a paid VPN to get a low ping, let alone assuming everyone to start using a VPN.

And I understand the problem is with parents. But what could be done for that. The government could just do nothing or could do something and it did the latter.

14. Easy. “Child, you’re on that phone too much and it’s impacting your studies. We’re taking it from you until you’re done.”

The govt shouldn’t be parenting. There doesn’t have to be a campaign since that’s not the govt’s job.

Why do you go from the position that the govt still has to say “no PUBG” and the parents have to know and do what the govt wants? I’m sure there are kids that are playing and still studying fine. The govt is punishing all because of some. The parents would know if their kid is playing it too much way more than the govt would. Plus, they block PUBG, but I bet the kids can still play Fortnite. Best to let the parents just remove the device until after they’re done studying. The govt doesn’t know what’s best in these cases.

15. If parents have done their job, then why do some many children still play the game for so long hours. Let the government take the initiative. Nothing wrong with that. If the government shouldn’t be parenting, then they shouldn’t make education compulsory too!

And how come banning a game is a punishment. PUBG has been designed to be addicting and now kids will go to other games(mostly offline) which in most cases won’t be as addictive. And some kids know to manage their time but some like me(:p) just waste their times playing the game without studying or playing. Banning the game even for the kids who do know to manage their time(who are in minority) will not be doing any harm to them and they may either play some other game to relax or could use that time to do something else productively or otherwise.

I have seen many kids who used to complete assignments or play outside or only use their mobiles for some time now be addicted to their phones for most of their time because of the game(again me :P).

The government is not going to get any benefit from banning the game, so it seems like they know the effect the game has had. If they were going to ban smartphones for kids, an arguement could be made that some kids use it productively, but for a game I can’t think of any reason to not ban it, other than entertainment and relaxation which can be done in other ways or with games which don’t get you addicted to them.

There are also some kids who know to play the game without even their parents knowing it😂.(Personal Experience😁)

16. NTA would have heard about Fortnite too but PUBG is a bigger problem than Fortnite ever was in Nepal!
Just think of the effect of Fortnite on America, and the effect of PUBG Mobile on the Indian Subcontinent would be the same, except that people can just carry their mobiles anywhere and can thus play anywhere too!

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