PEAN (Progressive Enginnering Association Nepal) to win the NEA election: Voters Confidence

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PEAN (Progressive Enginnering Association Nepal) to win the NEA election: Voters Confidence

NEA’s election for the 32th executive committee is very near and Progressive Engineering Association Nepal have claimed to win the election. With the sharpness of Electoral campaign, Progressive Association have stated that they are now almost sure to win.

Given the leadership to Democrates previously, they have not been successful to work for the lead rights of Engineers in Nepal; have almost failed to take the leadership says PEAN.

Speaking at a press conference in the Kathmandu, the progressive group working in the rights of engineer, has claimed that the team will win the election. The candidate for the Chairman, Tri- Ratna Bajracharya told that their victory is very necessary to preserve the dignity of the Association and there seems to be no alternate team for that. They have some great agenda’s: to preserve the dignity of Enginners, provide qualitative education and professionalism, and enhance the job opportunities for engineers, establishment of policy reform, co-ordination and coordination, construction of NEA state building and contact office in every district and states.

Coordinator of Election Operations Committee, Mahendra Gurung said that the previous committe could not enhance the performance and almost failed due to their passiveness. Adding to this he said that the Progressive Association now has included candidates from all tribal groups including women. Chhabiraj Pokharel, candidate for General Secretary declared that he had reached all the seven province and there seems to be no competing side for the progressive group and the victory is in our side.

PEAN has tough level candidates for the election. For the candidate of chairman of Central Committee, Prof. Tri Ratna Bajracharya is the Dean of Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University. Similarly Chhabiraj Pokharel, for General Sectretary. Similarly Engineer and Government officer Tek Bahadur Katuwal. There are highly experienced and capable candidates from all the provinces. Arch. Baburam Bhandari, Er. Deepak Thapa, Dr. Keshav Basnet are some of most capable candidates from Gandaki Province.

Therefore, to select the best candidate in this sensitive area we all need to vote with our discretion.

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