How is Samsung Galaxy S10 different from s9. See people’s reaction.

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Well Samsung has its new mobile galaxy S10. Well it is not a big deal for samsung to bring new name in its mobile version. But has it developed some new features or it is the only new name. Lets checkout some peoples reaction on this topic.

How is Samsung Galaxy S10 different from s9. See people's reaction.

Good_Ole_Pinocchio • a day ago
All these S10 articles is a Stark reminder of the lack of competition these days. For years we’d have all these competing articles about the newest HTC/SAMSUNG/LG/MOTO/

There’s no real Android competition for Samsung outside of Huawei these days

thereasoner Good_Ole_Pinocchio • a day ago
I’d add the Pixels to the list for sure. At least my OG Pixel was fantastic and no Android phones get better support. It had awesome cameras, optimized software and excellent performance as well so I’m certainly not against trying the Pixels again.

That said, I’m still undecided on a replacement for my also excellent Note 9. I was eyeing my first Huawei device in a pursuit of a new user experience but now I’m avoiding Chinese products as best as I can while their governments aggression toward its neighbours and the worlds shipping lanes continues in the south China sea. So it’s likely a Pixel 4 or Note 10, unless something else knocks my socks off.

Good_Ole_Pinocchio thereasoner • a day ago
Well yeah the Pixel too. But I was more speaking about first half of the year when there used to be more announcements from CES to MWC. Right now Samsung has the entire spotlight for H1

thereasoner Good_Ole_Pinocchio • a day ago
Yeah, other established players like those you mentioned are on a death watch it seems. It’s a shame, the more strong competition there is the better off us consumers are.

S.AKASH. thereasoner • 12 hours ago
Ya sad that China is doing all that stuff! A country with a great potential to manage global peace like the US did the last century. For the same reason, I don’t recommend their products to anyone. But nevertheless I really loved Huawei’s phones in the past few years.

thereasoner S.AKASH. • 10 hours ago
I thought that China was going to be the most intelligent and reasonable superpower yet. The way they displayed patience with the British over their eventual take over of Hong Kong was a good sign of that. Then somewhere along the line they seemingly got drunk on their power. It’s a shame and not a good thing as far as world peace and stability is concerned.

S.AKASH. thereasoner • 10 hours ago
I seriously feel like Hong Kong should be an independent nation or should have remained with UK. Actually Hong Kong was supposed to remain with the UK and only the surrounding area was supposed to be given back to China. But Hong Kong depends on the surrounding regions for its resources so it also had to be given back.

But nevertheless the agreement while transfering the place back was to let it run independently and democratically for a few years, but nevertheless China is increasingly letting its presence known in Hong Kong such that many people now wish that they never became a part of China.

I feel like China had to do this since most of their trade passes through a single route, i.e. the South China Sea. So they had not option but to strengthen their presence there. And that is why they are also reviving the Silk route to have a land connectivity too just in case the US from across the Pacific decides to block them off!

thereasoner S.AKASH. • 8 hours ago
China is after the resources there. It’s been said that huge gas, oil and mineral reserves are in the South China sea. I don’t think it has anything to do with securing trade routes, a huge chunk of the world’s trade goes through this region and its not under a threat of any kind… that is until China started claiming it as its own.

The problem for China is that countries in the region like the Philippines have legitimate claims to the area as parts of it fall within their 200 mile off shore economic zone as per international law. The Chinese have no such claims being thousands of miles away. So they’re basically bullying the countries in the region and staking illegitimate claims of their own.

Farzin Sohaili thereasoner • 3 hours ago
So China should let us have the South China Sea ? Or UK should have it, we in the west are so much more democratic and share the resources in the world ? We don’t even kill any one for getting those resources, even if they are in another countries? Those beautiful phones are mostly made by people who get paid pennies and who make the big bucks? The democratic countries do. You have to look at world through their eyes, they have as much right to live as us the top 5 percent!

thereasoner Farzin Sohaili • 2 hours ago
“So China should let us have the South China Sea ?”

No. China should just honour the 200 mile economic zone of those countries in the region with legitimate claims as established by international maritime laws, countries that are poor like the Philippines, Malaysia etc and acknowledge that areas outside of that are international waters that are owned by no one.

GA.EL S.AKASH. • 3 hours ago
Did US manage global peace? Where? When? How?

All that I remember is inciting wars and dictatorships, LOL

S.AKASH. GA.EL • an hour ago
I know that. Like what happened in Vietnam and Afghanistan. But just see everything they have done including these ‘exceptions’ in the broad picture and without the US you wouldn’t have had the peace they world has today.

They didn’t do it for the World Peace probably, and mostly to show their muscles to the world but that just so happened to dampen all the nonsense that could have happened.

I personally feel like Communism would have been the most common form of government if the US has done nothing.

Without them helping in the WW2, we still could have had Hitler ruling the world. They just acted in self defense here too, but finally did some good for the world. They helped establish the UN and were a country that many newly formed countries could look upto.

I am sure I have got something wrong here but they surely have brought some peace for the world and I also believe that it’s time that another nation challenged the US too since power in the hands of one person for too long can be detrimental.

Salvatore Provino Good_Ole_Pinocchio • 16 hours ago
I understand what you mean and I don’t agree. It’s true that competition on high end devices is lower than ever nowadays but we still have plenty choices that people can consider: Samsung, Huawei, Pixel, OnePlus, iPhone, LG (even if not as valuable as before), Oppo for most markets, and there’s also the Honor view 20 to an extent.
Many companies don’t have resources to keep the highly expensive work of innovating in smartphone technologies, but we also have a novelty which is plenty of new ventures in the market such as all the gaming phones (razer, asus, xiaomi) and the new form factor experiments with foldables.
The competition has moved on another level and has made his victims as HTC and motorola. Some of them are dying but I see no reason for others to rise.

Fargo_Zoidberg Good_Ole_Pinocchio • a day ago
BuT wHaT aBoUt ReD hYdRoGeN

Andrew M Fargo_Zoidberg • a day ago
What about it it’s too expensive

Dan Nodden123 Fargo_Zoidberg • 20 hours ago
What do you mean? It’s just a cruddy snapdragon 835 phone.

Fargo_Zoidberg Dan Nodden123 • 20 hours ago
Sarcasm is a tough concept.

Ditch Mitch Fargo_Zoidberg • 8 hours ago
I feel you

Dan Nodden123 Fargo_Zoidberg • 16 hours ago
Yeah but how does the red hydrogen relate to this?

Jackson_Johnson • a day ago
The fingerprint scanner worked very well on my phone before the biometric update. Now it works perfect.

Perry Jackson_Johnson • 18 hours ago
Agreed, I have no problem with mine. Maybe my thumb is the exact length Samsung planned the sensor placement around.

GeorgeDao123 • a day ago
Here we go again with the Android version update. The point is, Samsung has offered a lot of features ahead of stock Android and even Android builds by other brands, for years and if the S10 were running Oreo, it’s still ahead of stock Android. If I were still obsessed with every version update, I’d pick an iPhone and join beta program. If I wanted a stock Android-like experience, I’d slap an AOSP-based build on my S10 (Yep, not yet available) while I can’t do the opposite on a Pixel. So, miss me with version update obsession. I’m fine with Pie until Sammy rolls out Q for S10 which may be in Feb 2020.

Mark Washington GeorgeDao123 • a day ago
I couldn’t agree more ! They mentioned the essential phone hahahaha and Of course Pixel would get it because it’s THE Google phone . Besides that all Android updates come later because Who cares I’ll get the update when company is ready to smooth out the kinks in Google constant beta software

GeorgeDao123 Mark Washington • 2 hours ago
Thanks man, that’s absolutely right.

Nick GeorgeDao123 • a day ago
Frankly, I can’t fully agree here.

The reason I can’t fully agree is that Google often makes much needed enhancements to the fundamentals of Android with these major updates and having a decent amount of nice to haves is not an excuse to accept the slow development time.

thereasoner Nick • a day ago
I think that he’s exaggerating somewhat as Google has caught up quite a bit in features and functionality to Samsung flagships. That said, he’s not lying, Samsung phones often have very little to gain from OS updates and it’s those monthly security patches that matter more for them.

R2D2 thereasoner • 21 hours ago
Google is the only thing keeping Android back (they’re jumping off the ship themselves). 9.0 has been a massive step back on Samsung devices in terms of functionality and it has no improvements over 8.0, only drawbacks.

There’s only one good thing I can say about 9.0 and it’s a very gimmicky and half baked feature that almost never works, the app suggestions based on your usage pattern like suggesting the post office app when I copy a tracking number or a game/app during a certain period of the day when I’m likely to use it, when opening the recents menu (which is overall the single most useless overhaul brought by 9, it’s pretty much half the fw update).

It’s been close to 4 years since I personally stopped caring about fw updates and ever since Marshmallow they felt more like an annoyance and always whith new restrictions and drawbacks or… nothing at all. With Pie however, the OS has been made utter trash, making me use the phone less and about half as intensive since everything has been moved under countless actions or options that are in no way intuitive or easily accesible, like multitasking which has gone to ****, but good thing we now have gestures that we can enthusiastically disable after the first contact with 9.0.

thereasoner R2D2 • 20 hours ago
I love Android 9 and One UI on my Note 9. It’s a great refresh of the device and easily the best UI Samsung has produced yet. As for the Pixels more stock like experience, everyone I know with one is very happy with them.

flosserelli R2D2 • 18 hours ago
I agree Pie gestures are jank, but I have been pretty satisfied with the rest of the changes. Sounds like you’d be better off with iPhone.

R2D2 flosserelli • 12 hours ago
I would have switched to iPhones, if they offered a single thing that I’d need, but they don’t, they’re worse in every way and they’re the reason Pie and Q are garbage, Apple also will never offer a Note like device which I require for my day to day needs. IOS is the future of Android thanks to Google’s lack of direction and integrity.

GeorgeDao123 R2D2 • 2 hours ago
If Apple someday became insane and made iOS open source, Google would immediately throw Android to the toilet and boom, it’d be in the bottom of the tube in 60 seconds,

GeorgeDao123 Nick • 2 hours ago
Yeah, Google “often”, while Samsung “always”. Yep, the Big G often brings some of Samsung features to stock Android. I have no problem with Sammy slow updates, so I don’t need any excuses at all.

Ammar GeorgeDao123 • a day ago
There are a lot of things Android version update brings that Samsung cannot offer, for example notification channels.

GeorgeDao123 Ammar • 2 hours ago
Oh yeah? Have you ever had your finger on a Samsung phone that runs Oreo or Pie before? Both my S7 and S10 have it. Are you sure?

Lon • 16 hours ago
Wow, your really reaching for things to hate about these phones.

The fingerprint scanner always works for me…The once or twice a day I use it. I use smart lock when I wearing my Galaxy Watch so unless my phone is away from me, unlikely, it’s never locked anyway.

I’m 6′ 4” so the size of the S10+ doesn’t bother me… Psst don’t tell anyone but they make two other sizes. Plus the phone is exactly the same size as the S9+ and close to the S8+. I know because the cases fit.

Sigh, here comes the updates club again. Oh yea, it makes perfect sense to carry around an otherwise inferior phone because it updates sooner. Right, and what were those awe inspiring new features that Google released? How many of them weren’t already available on Samsung phones?

Camera. Geez, the camera is awesome on this phones! I repeat, so I should carry an otherwise inferior phone because the camera is 3% better? Does it record 4k60 in the back and 4k30 in the front? No? Does it have dual aperture? No? Could Samsung solve these complaints with an update? Yes? Then go sit in a corner. Besides, what are you guys taking pictures of besides your kids, the cat, random crap? When did it become so important? If you’re that worried about it go buy an actual camera.

Price is relative. I remember when a bag phone cost over $1500 or phones that did nothing but make calls and texts cost over $500. Minimum wage was 5 or 6 dollars an hour. There is nothing in your day to day life that you interact with more than your phone, period. I want the best experience I can get. Frankly, anyone that pays full price is an idiot in any case considering the deals that are going on.

I know, you all have to come up with something to say, right? It just sounds so petty and disingenuous.

Vizair • 15 hours ago
“Meanwhile, the regular S10 and S10e ditch the rear telephoto lens”

“the primary cameras on all three S10 phones are really great, the extras — the ultra-wide and, on the S10+, telephoto — are not stellar”

Ehh, what the hell? The non-plus S10 also has a telephoto.

Why did nobody point that out?

Taylor AP Staff Vizair • 7 hours ago
You pointed it out! Thanks. Fixed.

Vizair Taylor • 6 hours ago
Sorry if I came out needlessly antagonistic but reading the comments it seemed to me like nobody read the entire thing and just jumped to conclusions and started off topic nonsense to hate on Samsung and other OEMs.

Also I had the same impressions with the camera. I was thinking it was a software issue since the P30/Pro also has the problem where it’s confused whether to use digital upscaling or other lenses during dark shots producing sub par results sometimes.

Berkay • 21 hours ago
Complaining about the FP scanner not mentioning that it’s much better after the update.

Disqus user 90210 • 12 hours ago
Here we go again with the complaint about OS upgrades not shipping shortly after Google releases their “final” version, still full of bugs and plenty of popular, incompatible third party apps, to their devices.

Update prospects should also be mentioned in the “Positive” section to get a more balanced view. The customers are guaranteed minimum 2 OS upgrades and 3 years of monthly security updates on the operator unlocked variants.

Ms • a day ago
5 months to put all the awsome features that vanilla android lacks is a feat in its self thats a way fast update !and the sadist part is android police still have nothing to crow about google !..the pixel line or anything else !they no there subpar like the greedy thing they are they horde android and then shout there updates are fast! fast updates is there only selling point the rest every android has sorry we no you take last years samsung feature and try and call them yours and i guess pixel owners think they are lol

Richard Cornford • 16 hours ago
I’ve had zero problems. I recorded my fingerprint twice. (Once with how I would unlock two handed, and once how I would unlock one handed) As a result, I’ve unlocked my phone 1000+ times, and it’s failed 3-4 times ever. It’s fast and accurate if you set it up correctly.
The large screen is THE reason why I got the S10+. It’s a downgrade, in size, from my Huawei P8 Max.
I get updates regularly. Both OS updates, and updates for things for Samsung/Google software.
The phone doesn’t cost as much as people are saying, if you shop around AT ALL. My S10+ was $700 on launch day. Walmart sells the S10+ at $750 as the regular price. Stop paying premiums, to buy from overpriced resellers, and you can stop complaining about the price.
The cameras are great. The only complaint is the very low light photography, but downloading the Google software (from the Pixel 3) gave me Night Sight and Photo Sphere, eliminating the only weakness of the phone.

susanna • a day ago
Just wondering anyone with a Samsung galaxy note 8 have ever been on phone talking and phone say if u would like to make a call hang up and try again ???

flychinook susanna • a day ago
That would be on your carrier (or even the other person’s carrier), not the phone.

susanna flychinook • 5 hours ago
I was on the phone when it just hung up with the person I was talking to and said if u would like to make a call hang up and turn cell phone off and back on again .Is that normal has that happened with u before ,cause I really don’t understand y that happened other than guy at Verizon said it was a glitch.

Cheng Guan Hao • a day ago
While the Exynos variant experiences lousier camera output quality, shorter battery SOT, slower performance and the list goes on… 😩

saf1927 Cheng Guan Hao • a day ago
Anandtech did a proper test and Exynos is a close match to the SD variant in battery life and I can confirm with my own experience too. The reason most people have the wrong impression is due to the fact that the Exynos variant had a proximity sensor bug not allowing deep sleep whenever voice calls were made – hence most initial reviews saying it was not as good as the SD variant. This was fixed with the March security patch. I can easily get 8-9 hours SoT on my S10+.

Pawel C • a day ago
#6 Missing support for Asynchronous USB mode

PKADavid Pawel C • 19 hours ago
If people don’t know what it is, it doesn’t matter.

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