Educational Status of Some Nepali Artists

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”There are no educated people in the field of Arts and people who are educated should not go in this field. If you join the glamorous field, you spoil your future”, This is the thought of many people of Nepal. Well, it might be that in some cases but there are some artists who are also academic and also in artists. But, an artist with the good education is considered as the successful artist. Today we have prepared a material about some Nepali artists who have Master’s Degree.

Rajesh Hamal

Rajesh Hamal, the legendary actor of Nepal and also the television presenter, is one of the Master’s Degree holder of Nepal. His interest in the field of study was never lesser than his interest in acting. So lets us declare that he has a Master’s degree in English from Chandigarh Campus in Punjab. Actor Rajesh, who starred in the hundreds of films, started acting career from the movie “Yug Dekhi Yug Samma”. Then he worked in hundreds of films. His new movie Sakuntala is in the phase of release.

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Pramod Kharel

“Ma Bina Kasai Kasai Lai Muskil Chha Pokhara Ma” was the song that made him one of the successful singer of Nepal. After this song, he never had to look back. A singer who was frozen in modern and Pop Song was very sharp in his studies from the very young age. He always did his best from the childhood. He hold’s Master’s degree in Science. Currently, he is fully involved in music.

Sandeep Chhetri

Humor artist Sandeep Chhetri is a brilliant personality. His program ‘What the Flop’ is one of the most popular programs in Nepal. His character as “Mithailal” is one of the most recognized and loved characters of this show. Besides his acting career, he was even humble and honest towards his studies from the very childhood. So he is also one of the educated personality with Master’s Degree in commerce.

Raja Rajendra Pokharel

A person who rarely appears in the Television Show, Raja Rajendra Pokharel is a well-established comedian of Nepal.  He is constantly involved in laughing and comedian shows at the stage as well as on different Radio Programs. Besides his comedian character, he is also a serious learner. Also the person with good education status, he has Master’s Degree in English. 

Shirish Devkota

A popular singer who is into fame because of epic songs or cultural songs namely “Roila”, was also smart in his education from the very young age. A person with post-graduate study in Management is also an established singer of Nepal. Although he has a good education, he is strongly involved in the music career. Some of his popular songs include “Ayo hai ayo saila dai”, “Ma ta aune thiyena” and much more.

Pashupati Sharma

His parents had a dream to make him a renowned doctor. However, due to his successful career, he has made his parents head held high. With his creativity and dedication in music, has let us listen to some amazing songs. He is also a versatile singer who has recorded different kinds of songs that includes “Modern”, “Pop”, “Teej Song”, “Lok Dohori” and almost all genre. The prominent singer has done his Master’s in Sociology. He has also planned to complete his degree in Major Nepali.

Priyanka Karki

People consider Priyanka Karki the bold actress of Nepal. She has huge maturity in acting and has done more than fifty movies till the date. This popular personality has completed her master’s degree in film production. She is the most educated singer of Nepal. She completed her education from a University in the United States.
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Keki Adhikari

Keki Adhikari, 25 started her career as a model. With the progress in her life from one field to another, she started appearing in music videos. Even with the success of her music videos, she debuted in the movie “I am Sorry”. She is now the most popular actress of Nepal. Talking about her education, she has completed her post-graduate degree in Commerce. She is excellent is both the field of her studies.
So here we discussed the eight popular artists of Nepal, who are not only popular because of acting, but they are also popular because of their educational status. All the above-mentioned artist are Master’s degree holder. These are the few people from the mass. Besides, there are many people from this field who have completed their bachelor’s degree.

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