Bijay Shahi from Nepal – Reads whole book in few minutes, Claims formula

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Bijay Shahi is a Memory King from Kalikot, Nepal. He holds his name in Champions Book of World Record for remembering 102 words in 30 Seconds. Bijay claims that he has the formula to remember the whole book in a few minutes just after seeing the pages. Shahi claims to uplift the literacy rate of Nepal to One Hundred Percent. Apart from this, Bijay Shahi is highly concerned about the education system of Nepal and wants to implement the scientific education system. And Bijay wants to change the system of education the world has been through.

NameBijay Shahi
Date of birth1999 June 20
TitleMemory King
BirthplaceKalikot, Nepal
EducationHighschool (Grade 12)
World RecordChampions Book of World Record
Record For102 Words in 30 Seconds
Interesting FactCan remember books in few seconds
Family Member5 Member
InterestsDevelop Scientific education in country
Bijay Shahi Age21
Bijay Shahi World Record
Bijay Shahi World Record

Many queries have raised from his demonstration of reading 1000 pages book in just 12 Minutes.

Life of Bijay Shahi

Bijay Shahi comes from a remote place in Nepal. His father is a teacher. He is the younger brother among three brothers in his family. Shahi completed his SEE level education from his hometown. Later, for his higher education, he moved to the capital city. He struggled a lot during his residence in Kathmandu as he was into a very new place. So he decided to lock himself in a room and study more than twenty hours a day. He even secured 1st position in Grade 11.

Bijay Shahi Parents
Shahi with his parents

During his study period, Bijay Shahi developed himself a formula to remember a lot of text in a very short period of time. He started seeing the changes in his brain and finally, he set the world record on 8th February 2020. After a few years of practice and research, he built his mind to record the whole text from the book just after seeing it. Finally, Shahi demonstrated his talent through a YouTube Channel Tattato Khabar with YouTuber Bhagya Neupane.

What is Bijay Shahi Formula?

So, how Bijay can remember the whole book in a few minutes. Bijay Shahi has clearly claimed to have developed a formula for this talent. His formula consists of 26 numbers of scientific tricks and codes that can change the way people read and remember. Although there is a misconception that he carries a supernatural power, he is to give this formula to the people who wish to get it. After the pandemic of COVID- 19, Bijay Shahi will run different campaigns and seminars to demonstrate the formula he has developed or invented.

Bijay Shahi’s formula may contain terms like a photographic memory and eidetic memory. These are the special power or technique that allow people to remember the whole object, image, text, or anything that a person sees. And the person may forget the things with passes of time.

A person with eidetic memory can remember things in photos for a long time. It is mainly termed with the photos. Besides a person with Photography memory can remember the text, objects, or audio once they get in touch with it. Another popular term is Hyperthymesia. This is the condition in which a person remembers each and everything that may or may not be of any importance. Like what he ate in breakfast three years before on the same day.

Remember the whole Book in 10 Minutes

Many claims have been made in the past by many people around the globe. They also have demonstrated by reading the whole book in just 10 Minutes. They have linked this capability with mind Control. A guy named Derren Brown has previously demonstrated by reading the whole book in 20 Minutes.

Similarly, a girl named Yanjaa Wintersoul demonstrated by remembering the whole catalog in few minutes.

Also, this girl scans the whole book in 2 minutes: